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LED Scoreboards

Electronic Signage Australia’s LED scoreboards are a step up from traditional manual scoring systems. No more asking scoreboard volunteers to brave the elements on the other side of the pitch away from everyone else-LED scoreboards can be operated from the comfort of the clubrooms. Available in fixed or portable options with only standard power required, an LED scoreboard is within every club’s reach.

  • Provide crystal clear display of scores and stats (Shots, SOG, C/K, Saves)
  • Electronic team names
  • Electronic timer or time of day
  • Electronic display of goal scorers or club logos
  • Feature either 7 or 3 colour display
  • Scrolling text display for club announcements & information, sponsor names & messages during match time
  • Remote wireless operation up to 1km

Operate off standard 240v power-either main supply or portable generator

About Us

Electronic Signage Australia (ESA) is a dedicated provider of high quality bespoke electronic displays that are ideal for various sporting contexts and business advertising purposes.

Our custom-designed sport offerings are packed full of impressive features and allow seamless display of images, movies, animations, live feeds, player displays and much, much more. Our innovative LED technology packaged together with easy-to-use software ensures a seamless experience for both users and spectators alike.

Our impressive electronic scoreboards feature innovative LED technology packaged together with easy-to-use software and are ideal for any football pitch.

Not sure where to start? Contact our professional team via or on 03 9894 1963 to find out more about the various electronic signage and scoreboard options we have to offer.

Electronic Signage Australia is proud to be partnering with Football Victoria.

LED Video Boards

In addition to full scoring functions and displays for a variety of sports, video scoreboards take clubs to a whole new level. Full colour full screen displays of club and sponsors logos, player profile photos, customised animations add to the match days experience and provide clubs with a great way to enhance their offer and so raise significant additional revenue.

The high-quality display of video scoreboards means they can also be used to show movies, do live streaming and show television; providing clubs and communities with the opportunity to use the scoreboard other than just on match days.

  • Feature full colour display of club names and logos, sponsor logos, sponsor ads, player photos and much more
  • Scrolling text display for club announcements & information, sponsor names & messages during match time
  • Can be used for live streaming, showing movies, TV/Foxtel
  • Remote operation up to 1km or direct cable link
  • Operate off standard 240v power with amps required dependent on size of video board

Information Boards

A professional electronic sign at the front of your venue provides an opportunity to showcase your organisations brand and visual identity. It enables passersby to engage with activities and allows your organisation to build upon its reputation within the local and wider community.

There are always a number of events occurring at clubs on a weekly basis which can be promoted to the local community via an information board. It can also be a great way to remind people through various visual cues on the organisations values and mission to build a strong internal community.

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